Web Application Security

Protect your data where it’s most vulnerable —  in the end user’s browser.


Nearly every enterprise today has a range of security technologies, such as authentication, SSL encryption, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems designed to protect information traveling to and from the data center. But how can you protect your data once it reaches the endpoint?

The problem is, you have very little visibility into the endpoint itself. You don’t know if antivirus software is installed or if it’s current. You can’t control the user’s choice of browser, version or which security patches and plug-ins are installed. Worse, you can’t see if the user’s machine already contains malware such as keyloggers, frame-grabbers or Trojans. Finally, you can’t see or manage stored information such as end-user’s cache, cookies, password store and browser history — all of which can be easily accessed by malware or malicious users.

The question is, how do you enable fast, anytime, anywhere access to web applications and portals such as OWA or SharePoint without compromising data security?

Quarri delivers web application security for browser-based content


Quarri helps prevent data leaks and protect sensitive information such as healthcare and financial records. With Quarri Protect On Q, you can:

  • Prevent users from copying, printing, clipboarding or saving sensitive information, including from browser-launched processes like Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office.
  • Launch a fresh, armored browser instance that utilizes a site-specified whitelist of browser extensions.
  • Block hostile or unnecessary plug-ins.
  • Enforce centralized, administrator-defined policies regarding acceptable use.
  • Deliver on-demand malware protection with no user installation, system modification, software installation or software left behind.
  • Encrypt and securely delete all disk-based session data such as cache, cookies, password store and history after the browser session is complete.

Read how Quarri helped Whiting & Partners Protect Confidential Financial and Corporate Information in Outlook Web Access.

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