Protect on Q for Android Mobile

Quarri™ Protect On Q™ Mobile for Android is the only web information security solution to enable IT professionals to control and protect users’ browser sessions from theft or data leakage. By enabling IT administrators to enforce security policies that prevent unauthorized use and replication of confidential data, Protect On Q (POQ) Mobile for Android enables web applications to place strict controls over the saving, forwarding, or printing of browser-delivered information. POQ Mobile for Android works with Android 2.2+ agents.


Browser Process Isolation

Blocks hostile code injection attacks such as Man-in-the-Browser as well as potentially hostile browser add-ons (i.e., plug-ins) from launching.

Browser Firewall

Controls allowed browser connections destinations with a site-specified white list, mitigating session hijacking, XSS, and CSRF attacks.

Content Information Controls

Control file operations — such as copy and save — within the browser to ensure delivered information is not leaked or replicated via user actions. Controls extend to child processes launched, including applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office and ZIP.

Browser Session Data Privacy

Data files created during the protected session, including cache files, cookies, password store and history, are overwritten and deleted at the end of session.

SSL Certificate Defenses

Mitigates MITM / hostile SSL proxying of secured connections by specifying a white list of allowed SSL certificates. To control social engineering of users certificate handling, sites can specify whether users can override certificate errors (expired, mismatched etc.)

Toolbar Skinning

Enables site owners to brand the toolbar color of their protected browser, providing a visually distinct user interface that aids in reducing phishing risks.

Session Timers

Allows sites to mitigate user mistakes by controlling both overall session length, as well as user inactivity.