Envaulting = encryption + data distribution + auditing + remote control

A simple but brilliant idea: Protect a confidential document by first encrypting it and then removing small random parts of it to another location. As a result, the document becomes unreadable noise that does not contain enough information to reconstruct the original document or any readable parts of it, guaranteeing its confidentiality.

What you get: The removed parts become centrally managed keys for decrypting your confidential documents. The parts also form a unique fingerprint of a document, guaranteeing its integrity and allowing document tracking.

  1. For authorized users of the document, it opens just as before as they are allowed to retrieve and re-join the missing parts on demand, allowing fully controllable and selective availability of data.
  2. Monitoring who’s sending or retrieving the missing parts allows you to keep track of who’s writing or reading your documents for non-repudiable audit trail.
  3. Locking down the missing parts prevents instantly anyone from reading the document, and deleting the missing parts destroys the document, allowing remote access control and cost-efficient data lifecycle management.

This is the patent-pending Envaulting data protection – what’s neat is that it’s all software, so we can use it virtually anywhere to help you protect your confidential data – on USB sticks, laptops, email and even in the cloud.


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