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Cloud Distribution AB – Value Added Distributor & Service Provider

Cloud Distribution AB is a Value Added Distributor, delivering advanced cloud solutions and services to its partners and resellers with best of breed security software, client virtualization, web-enabling platform, identity and access solutions. Helping customers and partners to migrate server & client applications to the cloud and supporting organizations with cloud strategies.


Application Management

  • Application Virtualization
  • Application Streaming
  • Central monitoring of data transitions
  • Web-based administration tools for all products
  • Single-Sign-On
  • E-mail Filtering and Archiving
  • Large attachment e-mail solutions

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Security solutions

  • Encryption for static and in transit data
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Active Directory integration of all products
  • Policy Based configuration
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Browser Isolation and Sandboxing
  • Security as a Service

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Consulting services

  • Supporting your local team with a Cloud Strategy
  • Implement Tailored Secure Private Cloud
  • Moving your applications to the cloud
  • Add Identity and Access Management Solutions
  • Implementation of our Products and Solutions
  • Virtualizing your Applications
  • Two-factor Authentication Implementations

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Our Vendors

appzero moves enterprise apps to the cloud.  Automating on-boarding and deployment of server applications to private, public, and hybrid clouds, appzero brings one-click appstore simplicity to Windows and Linux server applications.  appzero is the fastest and most flexible way to move workloads across clouds and datacenter servers, without re-engineering, re-installation, or lock-in. Taking an application-centric approach to moving Windows and Linux server applications, appzero uses application images rather than server or machine images.  appzero encapsulates an application and its dependencies in what it calls a “virtual application appliance” (VAA), without a virtual machine (VM).

GraphOn Corporation is a worldwide developer of cloud application delivery and Web-enabling solutions. Since 1996, we’ve been a leading innovator of cost-effective, server-based solutions that help our customers extend the life of their Windows, UNIX and Linux applications. Our software solutions provide fast access, cross-platform connectivity, and a centralized architecture that delivers a dramatically lower cost of ownership. We’re headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, with development and support capabilities located across the country and around the globe.

Founded in 1995, SSH Communications Security is the company that invented the SSH protocol – the gold standard protocol for data-in-transit security solutions. Today, over 3,000 customers across the globe, including 7 of the Fortune 10, trust our Information Integrity Platform to secure the path to their information assets. Our platform enables businesses of all types and sizes to protect their information assets by:
  • Developing gold standard data-in-transit security solutions that prevents data loss in both internal and external environments
  • Delivering hardened perimeter security through our multi-channel two-factor authentication
  • Providing internal security control management solutions that enables organizations to more easily manage user keys and monitor administrator traffic across your networks

Quarri Technologies, Inc. is a security software company that empowers organizations to keep their sensitive data secure. The company’s products defend against both external and internal attacks and prevent unauthorized use and replication of confidential data by controlling both malicious and careless end-user behavior. Quarri’s products allow users to remain productive and have a seamless online experience, while also enabling organizational compliance with industry standards and government mandates. Quarri is a privately held, investor-backed corporation based in Austin, Texas, with clients throughout North America and Europe.

Envault Corporation helps enterprises and government agencies to protect their confidential data against leaks. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland. Envault is owned by private persons and VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland. Our customers are high-end expert organizations ranging from military and healthcare to large enterprises handling highly sensitive and/or confidential information. The more users and the more sites your organization has, the more value Envault brings to your organization in daily use. Envaulting is a unique, password-free encryption method developed by Envault and VTT. It combines bullet-proof protection with unprecedented ease of use and capability to remotely monitor and control your data. The method is patent-pending.

Treetop Innovation AB is an IT consulting company in Stockholm that provides services and products. NET Development.

Our employees possess in-depth expertise in all. NET platform. Among our tools to deliver comprehensive solutions are ASP.NET MVC and EPiServer that we complement with our detailed knowledge of. NET. With these we include delivering platforms for ticketing, e-commerce and SMS surveys. We also have made ​​iPhone apps, custom web services and Windows applications integrated with hardware that RFID readers and touch screens.

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